Hello and thank you for reaching out. Due to very high demand, we are asking that all clients verify that they qualify for our program. We have a strong focus on those who are looking to buy a house, start a business, obtain funding, or purchase a car. We are looking for individuals who are highly motivated and ready to start repairing their credit ASAP!

Once qualifies for our program, you will be able to schedule your consultation. As soon as your information is received, you will be contacted by a member on my team.We are big on customer service and want to ensure that all clients are able to receive a great amount of attention, so we are fair with the way we contact people.

Phone Consultation (Highly Recommended): We will go over your credit report via phone and explain our process and how we differ from others. It is important that you follow the instructions when going through our survey to ensure you get the best customer service and that any questions you may have for us are answered IMMEDIATELY!!! Because we are always booked, it's imperative you take the consultation serious and show up to your appointment.

Text ONLY (Very quick & simple): You can do your own research via our websites, to check out pricing, view client testimonials, learn how the process works, etc., and ask any questions you have via text. Use this option if you tried to book an appointment with us, but we were booked, if it's the weekend (no phone consultations on Saturday's (appointment only) and Sunday's we are closed. If your schedule is too busy to talk on the phone, or if you already know the process and you are just ready to start, you can opt for phone only consultation. You always have the option to request a phone call and you can still book a phone consultation later. With the TEXT only option, we still would like for you to complete this survey so that we can send you a credit analysis, which is an overview of your credit reports. The credit analysis will be sent to you via email.

Because we are always booked, it's imperative you take the consultation serious and show up to your appointment.

  • First Missed Appointment: Results in a WARNING
  • Second Missed Appointment: You will not be able to book with Kee's to Success again. Sorry! We take these appointment very serious. However, we are able to reschedule you, should you reach out in a timely matter letting us know that you are unable to make the scheduled appointment.

** All appointments must be confirmed by you. Once you receive a message saying, " Verify your appointment - please reply "YES" to confirm. Failure to reply will possibly cancel or reschedule your appointment. We have a lot of people who book appointments. We get it.. LIFE HAPPENS. We all forget or things can come up, so we help with that by reminding you.

Remember, we are different then the average credit repair company.

We offer 5 packages in 1, where others only give you credit repair (removal of negative items only). We also give you credit rebuilding, credit coaching, tradelines, and debt negotiation assistance. These are included in our packages. That is why we have been featured in many news publications, and we require you to qualify for our program.

Thank you for your interest with Kee's to Success and we look forward to working with you.

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